Danielle Checks In

Judging by your numbers across the board so far this season, it doesn’t seem like the thumb is bothering you very much. How do you feel?
“My thumb has recovered great. In fact, it hasn't bothered me at all since the surgery. I was very pleased with the surgery in Connecticut, and it’s back strong as if nothing ever happened to it.”

Did you have a specific plan of what you wanted to work on this offseason? You are racking up a lot of rebounds, for example, and you also seem to be shooting the ball well.
“Honestly, I committed myself to working on everything. Last season didn't go as I planned, and I knew I needed to work on my contributions before looking at what was happening around me. So, I just went back to Square 1, and I was honest about what I needed to be work on. I made the choice to stay in the gym more to work on getting more shots in and being more aggressive. To be honest, recovering from an Achilles injury took me out of my aggressive mode. I knew I needed to find a way to get that back. So far that's what has been the most significant difference. I'm in a good place, ready to take risks for the greater good and it's been showing.”

It seems like a lot of Americans enjoy playing in Israel. You have played there before. What do you like about the experience there? How is it different from playing in Europe?
“Yes, Israel is well-liked by most Americans who have had a chance to play here. It's easy to adapt to everything in terms of culture. What's more, there is amazing weather, great food, and good people. It's also nice that everything is close, so you don't have to drive far to find what you need. I've been here before and I loved it then, and I love it now."

What is your team like?
“Our team is great! I love my teammates! With us there is never a dull moment. Coach Adan is one of the best coaches I have played for. He has made me see the game in a different way. I strongly believe that I made a good decision in coming to Ramla this off-season.”

Have you had the chance to catch up with Allison Hightower and Ebony Hoffman?
“Yes, I have seen both of them. Actually, two weeks ago, I went to one of Ebony's games and got to hang out with her at her house. We had a great time and she even decided to get her "Chef Eb" on. She made meatloaf, and it was everything I thought it would be-Amazing!! I've seen Alley a lot as well. I've attended her Eurocup games, and hung out with her a couple times. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner was at her house. Good times and great company."

What are you doing for the holidays?
“Since we don't have a Christmas break due to Christmas not being celebrated here, we will likely practice and have a small Christmas dinner at a teammate's house. However, my Christmas spirit starts tonight. I'm headed to get my Christmas decor and tree today and I'm excited. At the same time this Christmas will be very hard for me. It will be the first time ever away from my family on this holiday. Thankfully, I'm sure all the Americans will get together and make it special.”