So, you want to spice up your party or event with a little comedy, energy, and excitement? You have hit the jackpot.

Volt the Fox does not just spend his time at Tulsa Shock home games at the BOK Center, he is out and about in the Tulsa community entertaining different types of companies, organizations, and individuals who want to have Volt grace them with his presence. Volt is an All- American type of fox, whether it is running in a charity race, doing dunk shows and exercising at an Assembly, or attending a pink stiletto soiree at night.

The buzz around Green Country is that an hour with Volt is an “experience of a lifetime.”

What type of events does Volt go to?

Volt essentially does it all but here are some specific examples: school assemblies, charity races/fun runs, parades, commercials, birthdays, sporting events, surprises, many types of festivals, celebrations, and corporate parties.


Volt is an extremely popular fox and the duration of a Volt appearance varies from the organization you are with, what the event entails, and the location of the event. A Volt appearance is broken down into different categories, all depending on the type of event:

• Parties (Wedding, Birthday, Surprise, celebration, etc.)
• Business/Corporate
• School
• Tulsa Shock Partner (if you aren’t one you should probably reconsider)

Look, we know you will have questions and we LOVE that. We want to make a Volt appearance as enjoyable as possible so if you have some outlandish ideas, then let us hear them! We love creativity and are up what you’ve got!

We are looking forward to your call or email and we cannot wait to get the process of a Volt appearance started!

Call us at 918-949-9710
If you can’t call, just email our mascot coordinator, Joel Slyman at
Or fill out a Volt appearance request below