For the fifth consecutive year, the Tulsa Shock have partnered with American Fidelity Assurance Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and Williams to bring an entertaining and educational health and wellness school assembly program to Oklahoma youth. Our mission is to highlight our sponsorsí community goals of encouraging and educating Oklahoma youth on how to be fit and healthy!

Time Out for Fitness is a WNBA FIT program launched in 2011 to help students across the state "Get Fit". Every Time Out for Fitness assembly is an hour long, high energy, entertaining and interactive presentation featuring high-flying Shock mascot, Volt, Coach Cordell Dement, MC Brittany Thomas and Shock staff that showcases healthy eating habits, fun exercises and creative student competitions that can help students develop sound bodies and minds. The Tulsa Shock have presented the program to over 35,000 students - and we have upped the ante in 2015! This year we are searching for a few select schools to have their students take the Time Out for Fitness five-week challenge to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits that will last a lifetime!

"We feel promoting healthier, active lifestyles and specifically fitness for young people is essential for a healthy community and we want to use our staff and basketball as a vehicle to promote healthy lifestyles," Shock President Steve Swetoha said. "Getting fit is both a Shock and WNBA initiative and we hope this assembly program will propagate the message of healthy living to thousands of students within the state of Oklahoma."

The WNBA's FIT initiative is the league's comprehensive health and wellness platform promoting healthy, active lifestyles for children and adults. The initiative encourages physical activity and healthy living through products, events and programs for children and families.

The WNBA and Tulsa Shock, together with American Fidelity Assurance Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and Williams, have crafted the Time Out for Fitness assembly program to::

  • Inform, educate and engage children in healthy living practices.
  • Provide information covering general fitness, physical conditioning, nutrition and wellness practices.
  • Caters to children, families and young adults.

"American Fidelity Assurance Company is excited to be involved with the Tulsa Shock to provide children with opportunities to learn more about fitness and how to lead healthy lifestyles," said Jeanette Rice, Senior Vice President Corporate and Human Resources. "The Get Fit program is a great way for children to be involved in hands-on learning activities complete with tools that they can use in everyday life and they will have a great time while they learning."

"Healthy habits start young and last a lifetime," said Alison Anthony, Director of Diversity and Community Relations for Williams. "Students who exercise and eat nutritious food also perform better in the classroom. At Williams, we're proud to help the Tulsa Shock help area youth get fit so they can feel their best and do their best at school."

"The Tulsa Shock's high-energy school assemblies feature fun and interactive health and wellness messages that go hand-in-hand with our company's initiatives," said Nicole Amend, Chief of Staff at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma. "The program does an outstanding job teaching children the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and also provides an invaluable forum for our Be Smart-Don't Start program, which warns children about the dangers of smoking and how much healthier and happier they can be by avoiding tobacco products."

If you are interested in hosting an assembly at your school, please Click Here to register or call (918) 949.9700 and ask for a sales representative.


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