Team History

Weatherspoon on the (MSG) Walk of Fame

NEW YORK (May 11, 2015) —New York Liberty legend and current Director of Player Development Teresa Weatherspoon represented the franchise as a VIP guest at the 2015 Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony on Monday, May 11, inside of Chase Square at The Garden.

She joined media, spectators, and fans to welcome the newest members of the prestigious club, official photographer for Madison Square Garden George Kalinsky, New York Rangers goalie Eddie Giacomin, New York Knicks center Harry Gallatin and The Grateful Dead.

One of the elite few with an opportunity to call herself a member of the MSG Walk of Fame, Weatherspoon was inducted during a halftime ceremony of a Liberty-Chicago Sky game on August 5, 2006.

After the Monday’s ceremony, Weatherspoon reminisced about her own induction nine year ago, and what makes Madison Square Garden such a special place.

Q: What did being inducted into the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame mean to you?

Teresa Weatherspoon: “You don’t ever go into something that you truly love with that goal, I was just playing the game that I love, and for that to come afterwards was a surprise, because it’s not why you play the game. But the Walk of Fame, Madison Square Garden, it’s huge for me, a big highlight of my basketball career.”

Q: The Liberty are back home at The Garden after The Transformation – what does it mean to call MSG home?

Teresa: “It is so important to play here because we are the New York Liberty, and are given the chance to play in such a historical place. Everybody wants to put their stamp on that, all of the energy, the historical moments.”

Q: What makes playing at Madison Square Garden such a special experience?

Teresa: “The people; the place and the people. They make you give more than you think you can. Every night you want to give more, you want the excitement to remain, and be a part of that. Once you take the floor with your team, you want to bring such excitement and joy to all the people that came to watch.”

Q: Do you have one Garden memory that stands out from your time as a player?

Teresa: “There is not one thing that sticks out, it’s everything about this place. Every moment that we walk into the locker room, every time you put that uniform on, every practice, every game, those things stand out more than anything because it is such an important part of my life. I can’t find one special moment because everything here is historical.”